Will Draymond Green win Defensive Player of the year? I think he deserves it because he leads the league in steals, averaging 1.4 blocks, about 3.5 pass deflections/contested shots. In the second round he will be going up against Rudy Gobert, who is also a candidate for Defensive Player of the year. But, I think Draymond is the best defender in the league. Not only should he be 1st Team All Defense, he should also win Defensive Player of the year because of the impact he makes on that end. He avgeraged 4.5 blocks in the 1st round which is insane considering the fact that he is listed at 6’7 and is listed as a SF/PF but he can play every position which is unique. Only a few players can play all five positions like Draymond, LeBron, Antentokunmpo, etc. So I think Draymond Green should be DPOY and he will prove it when they play Utah in the second round and he outplays Gobert to win the DPOY award. Tell me what you think.

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