The series between the Grizzles and Spurs has become very interesting. Both teams winning at home, making this series a tie at 2-2 out of a best of 7 series. The Spurs who are the second seed in the Western Conference came into this round of the playoffs as favorites to win this series. Many people thought that the Spurs will win in 5 games because of their experience and because of the injury to Tony Allen. Tony Allen is the Grizzles best defender and arguably one of the best perimeter defenders to play the game.

In Games 1 and 2 the San Antonio Spurs took full advantage of the Grizzles injuries and their home court advantage. In game 1 Kawhi Leonard had a playoff career high 32 point game as he led the spurs to a game 1 victory. Marc Gasol also had 32 points for the Grizzles, however the grizzles struggled that game as a team, resulting in a 111-82 defeat.

In Game 2 the Grizzles again fell in an early hole in the first half, however in the third quarter they turned things around by outscoring San Antonio 28-19, showing signs of hope. As they had momentum going into the 4th quarter the referees were not calling anything for the Grizzles, on the contrary they were calling everything for the Spurs, maybe because it was in San Antonio. They lost that game 96-82, giving them a hole to climb up from being down 2-0 in the series. Kawhi Leonard again led the spurs with a new playoff career high 37 points and added 11 rebounds, Mike Conley was the leading scorer for Memphis with 24 points.

After the game Coach David Fizdale had some wise words for the referees saying “they did not give us a chance” referring to the terrible calls all game long by the referees. But that made the team motivated to win. He later got fined 30k for criticizing the referees but the players paid the fee for him. I think that brought the team closer, and they became stronger, in a sense that they were hungry to get the win.



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